2017 Summer Camp Descriptions

A Kid’s Guide to Surviving

Pull out your compass and lead your way to survival in this boy scouts themed camp. Learn wilderness basics and survival techniques right here in the city with a range of wacky and fun activities and games, before experiencing our sketch comedy themed end of class performance

Broadway Jr.

A much-requested addition to our summer camp line up, our new Broadway Jr classes will see students performing exciting hits from Broadway through our existing Musical Theatre class format.


Put on your dancing shoes and join our dance teachers in these introductory skill classes. Students will work hard throughout their class learning the fundamentals of movement and rhythm, as their work together to choreograph a performance to their selected music. Our experienced instructors work hard to emphasize each student’s individual talents, bringing out quality performances while adding to their love of dance.

Down Diagon Alley

Get on your broomsticks and fly with us into the magical world of Witches and Wizards! With a range of games and activities, kids will love the exploration of the wacky, wild and weird characters brought to life in the classic children’s series! Students will further delight audiences as they bring to the stage their own magical adventure.

Favorite Fairytales…with Zombies

All of your favorite fairy tale friends are back, ready to share their classic tales…with a twist! These hilarious horror-themed camps are perfect for children looking for something different. Working hard with their instructors they’ll adapt a chosen fairy tale with a terrorizing surprise and bring it onstage during our end of week show for the audience's delight!

Film Making

Watch out Hollywood, as our new super stars take to their big screen! Students in this intensive class will work hard with film professionals each day as they write an original short film script, develop characters, rehearse, star in and then edit before premiering their blockbuster to their friends and family in a special film preview. A great option for those that love to be both on and off camera alike!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Rockin’ the Universe

Climb aboard alongside the other Guardians of the Galaxy as we party our way through space, defeating the enemies of the universe! This rock and roll superhero class will see our students spend their days working on creative games and activities inspired by the hit movie series, as well as developing an original theatre performance of epic proportions for the end of week recital.

How to Train Your Dragon

Inspired by the hit movie series, this exciting class takes students of the journey of a lifetime as they become dragon trainers. Working with our experienced staff they’ll develop all the fighting and flying techniques needed to conquer those fire-breathing beasts through a series of stage combat themed lessons. They’ll be sure to impress with their new found skills during their end of class performance for family and friends.


Leave the scripts at home and join us in class as our expert improvisers teach the skills of quick thinking comedy in a fun and supportive environment. While best known for its power to amaze and entertain, improvisation develops a deep understanding of theatre knowledge, acting skills and characterization, founded on a creative process of support and trust. Our student troupe will delight audiences at their end of class performance with an unscripted demonstration of their finely tuned skills.

Indiana Jones Jungle Rumble

Join us for an adventure into the jungle in this Indiana Jones styled adventure. Combined with a range of creative themed games and activities, students will also work hard with our trained staff to experience the basics of theatre and stage combat, culminating in an exciting demonstration of danger at the end of class performance. 

Jedi Training Academy

Join the academy as we fight evil and uphold the moral codes of these ancient heroes! Each day students explore exciting new planets through a range of activities and games, while working hard to create a skit-styled performance for their friends and family.

Lego: Build, Wreck, Repeat.

Spend time with a childhood classic, as we fill our days building imagined creations. Each day students will learn basic building techniques that will stimulate creativity and imagination, while encouraging problem solving and team work. Friends and family will be invited to experience the creations first hand at the end of the class in a gallery styled viewing of their works.

Lights… Camera… Action Movie Star!

Join us for this special action movie star experience! Young superstars will be working alongside our professional instructors as they learn the ins and outs of being an action movie star. From dealing with adoring fans to learning the Hollywood ways of jumping, punching, and avoiding doom, students will love the opportunity to explore their creativity in a safe and controlled environment. They'll then delight the awaiting public as they present their week's work in an action-packed short film.

Mad Scientist

Creep into our laboratory as we start our adventure exploring the awesome world of science! Join us for special experiments as we take a hands on interactive approach to learning, where students will learn by doing in a range of exciting activities and games.


Entertain and amaze your friends with feats of mystifying illusion! Combining the art of magic with the skills of performing, students are busy each day as they learn a range of phenomenal slights of hand and illusions, while also creating an exciting demonstration of magic and theatre for their end of class performance. In addition to amazing a crowd, each student also receives a collection of tricks learnt throughout the week to take home.

Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them

Come and join as we walk into the enchanted forest and find the magic creatures of the wizarding world. With a range of games and activities, kids will love the exploration of the wacky, wild and weird characters bought to life in the classic children’s series- with special animal guests making appearances all week! Students will further delight audiences as they bring to the stage their own magical beast adventure.

Marvel Universe: Superheroes of Space

Join forces with the other members of your superhero squad and battle the bad guys in this action-packed superhero summer camp. Young heroes will spend the week using their imagination as they develop their own superhero characters and secret crime-fighting super powers, and accept missions of fun and excitement as they participate in a range of themed games and activities. They'll then develop their own super performance where friends and family can marvel at the abilities of their secret identities.

Mine, Craft, Build

Join us as we explore vast landscapes of mountains, forests, caves and castles through the incredible world of Minecraft. Our exciting new class builds on the game’s ability to promote create thinking and problem solving skills as students explore limitless options of building and discovering. Students alternate each day between a designated computer class, and a creative art environment where they will enjoy games and activities inspired by the world of Minecraft. Friends and family will be invited to explore their work in a arcade and gallery style viewing on the final afternoon.

Pirates v Ninjas

Arrr! Back by popular demand, your child will love joining our class and choosing a side as they jump aboard a week of awesome games and activities. Learning the correct way to make someone walk a plan and getting the hot tips for sneaking silently, students will also receive exciting lessons in stage combat, working alongside our trained instructors. At the end of class they’ll be ready to demonstrate their new skills for the friends and family in an exciting performance.

Poetry & Prose: Intro to Shakespeare

Our Intro to Shakespeare camp is an intensive camp designed to immerse young actors in the works of William Shakespeare. Young thespians will discover techniques that bring the Bard’s words to life. Students will actively participate in a mix of sonnets, monologues, and scenes selected to highlight the wide range of possibilities within Shakespeare’s work. The session will culminate with a performance that will demonstrate an increased understanding of these classical texts.

Princess in Training

Join us for a week of royal treatment as we explore the exciting world of Princesses through this themed class. Young princesses will enjoy games and activities designed to build self-confidence, explore inner strength and develop manners and etiquette. Students will then present a demonstration of proper poise and behavior in an exciting final performance for friends and family.


Our puppetry class is a unique experience for creative minds. Working alongside our experienced teachers, students will not only learn the basic history of puppetry as well as theatre, but will spend their days designing and creating their own elaborate sock puppet to take home- but not before demonstrating their puppeteering skills during an end of class performance for friends and family.

Rock Band

Calling all rock stars- the summer tour is about to depart! This loud and exciting class welcomes young rock stars of all abilities to join in an environment of sight and sound. Our students spend their days learning the moves and music of rock stars alongside our talented musicians with a range of themed games and activities. Friends and family are invited to enjoy our final skit-styled performance and rock demonstration at the end of class production.

Secret Agent Summer Camp

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to have an amazing week of secret spy training, with our Secret Agent Summer Camp. Exciting games and activities await, from code breaking to undercover surveillance to the ins and outs of espionage, this camp will cover it all. Young spies will then demonstrate their secret spy training with an exciting end of week performance for friends and families and the end of week recital, with an original performance they create themselves.

Sketch Comedy

(Look for me in Summer 2016 Week 1 and Week 6!)
Join us on stage as we explore the hilarious world of sketch comedy. Designed for our older students, these classes build on the fundamentals of Improv, bringing the skills of play, creative thinking, team building, and of course fun into a more refined environment. Students will work alongside our experienced staff using Improv to develop scenes before turning their work into developed sketches, performed for friends and family at their final performance.

Speech and Debate

Designed especially for our older students, this class hosts a series of workshops, games and activities that assists students in getting familiar with drama and debate events found in the school environment. Led by Oklahoma high school teachers and collegiate debate champs, students will have expert advice and guidance as they learn structures and refine their skills in competitive speaking and debate events.

Stage Combat

Wow your audience as you battle your enemies on stage to save the day! Starting with unarmed ‘hand to hand’ combat before progressing into fights of weaponry, students will demonstrate their fighting skills for their friends and family during their end of class performance. But don’t let look deceive you! Taught only by trained and qualified professionals, these classes are actually in depth lessons of safety and rehearsal. With emphasis on correct form, proper rehearsal and extensive preparations, students will love showing off the result of their extensive teamwork.

Stormtrooper Summer Camp

(Look for me in Summer 2016 Week 5: A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Away!)
Jedi beware as our Stormtroopers take the stage. This fun themed class fills your child’s day with a collection of activities and games inspired by the hit movie series. Students will work with their trainers developing teamwork skills and self-confidence, while also working hard to create a skit-styled performance for their friends and family.

Storybook Circus

Step right up and enter the big top as we take our young students on an exciting adventure of the circus. Each day we will work on exciting themed activities and games, while also building on important performance skills in preparation for our final performance. 

Superhero Academy

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s our campers having the time of their lives with our Superhero Academy! Our budding heroes will learn the ins and outs of being a superhero through a collection of themed games and activities each day, and then demonstrate their new super-skills on stage at the end of class performance in a daring skit-styled performance.

Super Villain Academy

Welcome to the Super Villain Academy, future mayhem makers! With an exciting week planned, filled with activities and games, our budding young criminal masterminds will fully explore their potential for evil as they develop their own doomsday machines, explore the subtle arts of taking hostages and causing chaos, collaborate in a coup, or two, and excel in advanced scheming. They'll then terrorize the stage with an exciting skit-styled performance at the friends and family recital.


Join us center stage as we learn the magic of the theatre. Students will brush up on their theatre skills through age appropriate hands on games and activities. Work with their dedicated teachers they’ll learn terminology, build acting skills and increase their self-confidence, while working hard creating characters and developing a story to bring to life for a performance for family and friends.

Wild West Variety Show

Dust off those cowboy boots and mosey on over to our old time Wild West Variety Show. Students will work hard wrangling up the greatest comedy ideas of yester-year to present on stage during their very own Variety Show presented live at our end of class performance!

Video Game Design

Immerse yourself in the world of video games! In these unique classes students will work with design professionals alongside the latest computer software to create their own smash-hit video game. Designed to develop creative and critical thinking skills, these classes provide an exciting hands on look at the world inside the screen. Parents and friends are invited to join the class at the end of the week for an arcade-style demonstration of their creations.

Young Directors

Step off stage and explore the exciting and challenging world of directing. Students will work alongside our theatre pros as they learn the skills needed to be a master director. This exciting class will give students leadership skills, build self-confidence as well as allow them to explore their creativity. The class will finish with a student-directed recital for friends and family.


ArtLAB: Another Dimension: Intro to 3D Art

Welcome to another dimension! Our Introduction to 3D Art class is an exploration of the visual arts in the three-dimensional form. Students will explore art creation utilizing various traditional and non-traditional mediums as they learn the intricacies of turning two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional works of art. Their final pieces will be displayed for the public at their end of week gallery showing.

ArtLAB: Art Attack! Mixed Media Designs

Stretch your creative muscles through the world of mixed media, where students will experience rich opportunities to conceptualize and create using a range of traditional and non-traditional materials. Students will work alongside our professional artists as they learn about different 2D and 3D art styles through a series of hands-on workshops while creating their own art pieces for their end of week gallery showing.

ArtLAB: The Art of Cartooning

Brush up on your cartooning skills, learn some new ones, or discover the world of cartooning for the first time ever. Lead by professional illustrators, this class is a creative balance between cartooning, illustrating, and creative art and design projects that are designed to develop the skills of conceptualization and visual story-telling. Great for beginning and experienced artists alike!

ArtLAB: Installation Art

A term used to describe mixed-media works of art, usually designed for a specific place and period of time. Installation works of art are designed to occupy entire rooms or gallery spaces and provide audiences with immersive and engaging art experiences. Students in this class will learn about the form, function, and installation of these major art pieces, as their design and realize their own installation piece.

ArtLAB: Film Making

Watch out Hollywood as our new superstars take to the big screen! Students in this intensive class will work hard with film professionals each day as they write an original short film script, develop characters, rehearse, star in, and edit, before premiering their blockbuster to their friends and family in a special film preview. A great option for those that love to be both on and off camera alike!

ArtLAB: Foundations of Drawing

Designed to help young artists find their own creative voice, our Foundations of Drawing class is a fun and unique opportunity for budding young artists to develop their artistic arsenal. Throughout this class, students will learn foundational skills of drawing and art through a series of age and skill appropriate hands-on workshops, based on a variety of artistic disciplines and mediums. This class will cover the power of visual interpretation in art – encouraging students to find a method of creating art and looking at art that evokes a personal connection. Friends and families are invited to a final gallery viewing of student work at the end of the session.

ArtLAB: FX Stage Makeup

Explore the exciting world of stage make-up as students join our artistic team, learning the techniques of face painting, makeup and character design in this hands-on workshop-driven class. Daily activities focus on a variety of themes and styles as they learn the fundamentals of make-up, color theory, safety, sanitation, facial structure, and much more. The class includes a professional quality take home makeup kit for each student.

ArtLAB: Music Video Production

Bring your creative vision to life in this exciting new course that teaches the fundamental skills of media production through the creation of an original music video. Working directly with film and video professionals in fully equipped OCU production studios, students will develop, produce, direct, light, shoot, and edit like experts as they create an original music video for a local band.

ArtLAB: Paper Arts and Book Sculptures

You'll lock up your home library after this class! Students will creatively engage with paper and books as they develop skills of three-dimensional creativity using two-dimensional paper and books as their canvas.

ArtLAB: The Pinhole Project

A combination of art and science, this exciting new class will welcome students into the world of pinhole cameras. Learn about the science of light, film, and exposure as we design and create our own pinhole cameras, which are then used by students to create their own photos.

ArtLAB: Phone-ography: Art of the Selfie

Grab your selfie stick and head out with us as we embrace the art of photography using only our cell phones. Develop a deeper understanding of photography fundamentals including composition, lighting, editing, and other important picture taking techniques, as we learn to compose interesting images using only our smartphones. Prints of the classes work will then be displayed in a gallery showing at the end of the week.
Students will need to bring their own smartphone each day.

ArtLAB: Printmaking

There are more ways to work with ink on paper than with a simple paintbrush or pen. Our printmaking class is an exploration of the traditional processes of block and screen printing. Students will learn the theories and techniques behind printmaking and from development to conceptualization they will see their own ideas come to life through this hands-on multistage art process.

ArtLAB: Public Art: Internet Memes to Major Murals

Explore art designed for the masses. From the fast-paced delivery of internet memes to major works of public art, students in this class will learn to re-think their understanding of what art is and where it is found. Students will be charged with creating their own public works of art and explore ways that they can present their creativity to the general public.

ArtLAB: Young Cartoonists

Open to younger students our Young Cartoonists class is a beginner’s guide to the art of cartooning. Designed to explore an equal measure of traditional art skills and spontaneous creative experience, this class introduces the elements and principles of cartooning, from development to realization. Lead by professional illustrators, this class is a creative balance between cartooning, illustrating, and creative art and design projects that are designed to develop the skills of conceptualization and visual story-telling.