2019 - 2020 Season

Based on Harper Lee's Novel
Burg Theatre

A New Play by Aaron Sorkin
October 23-27, 2019

Recommended for ages 10+
Co-production with TheatreOCU
This new adaptation by Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Newsroom) is a hard-hitting work exploring prejudice, compassion and the question of what is right.  Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird takes place in a sleepy Alabama town in the midst of the Great Depression.   The façade of the seemingly peaceful town begins to crack when a young black man is accused of a terrible crime.  Driven by moral conviction, local lawyer Atticus Finch defends the man in a trial that sends violent waves through the community.

“At a time when audiences seem to prefer escapist fare, this adaptation packs a wallop with its look at a black man condemned to death by a bigoted criminal justice system. For generations we have been tempted to think that the portrait of racism that Lee painted existed in some distant, long-ago past. In recent years, this comforting belief has been challenged. Hate crimes are on the rise, synagogues and mosques are the targets of mass shootings, unarmed black men are gunned down by police and the president expresses sympathy with white supremacist rioters. That makes “To Kill a Mockingbird” more timely and urgent than it’s been in decades.”  Brent Lang - Variety


by Allison Gregory
Children's Center for the Arts

December 2-20, 2019
Recommended for ages 4+

Junie B. Jones, First-Grader, is super-excited about the upcoming Holiday Sing-Along and Secret Santa gift exchange at her school. Too bad tattletale May keeps ruining all of Junie B.'s fun. So when Junie B. draws May's name for Secret Santa, she comes up with the perfect plan to teach her nemesis a lesson! But will the Christmas spirit of peace and goodwill interfere before she can give you-know-who what she deserves?

by Allison Gregory and Steven Dietz
Children's Center for the Arts

Based on the story by P.D. Eastman
February 21 - March 6, 2020
Recommended for ages 2+

This classic children’s book comes to life on stage in an exploration of movement, color and space.  The dogs delve into life with gusto, creating a visual spectacle for the audience to feast upon.  They snorkel. They howl at the moon. They ride a Ferris wheel. They dance and climb trees all in world of doggy fun.

by Guy J. Jackson

March 26 - April , 2020
Recommended for ages 5+

A raucous, campy fracturing of the classic fairy tale, this delightful storyteller version sets a spun gold standard for the adaptation of old favorites. Pity poor, sweet Lilie. She survives with her Pappa on rock soup and dirt delicacies. Her Pappa persists in bumping into the queen, getting star struck and wildly claiming his daughter can perform all sorts of impossible tasks. Once installed in the castle to supposedly bake pies into diamonds and sweep dust into silk, Lilie meets the irascible Rumpelstiltskin.

by Will Averill
Burg Theatre

April 24 - May 8, 2020
Recommended for ages 6+

Robin Hood: hero, hopeless lover, or evil criminal? Upon his return from the Crusades, King Richard is forced to try and figure out what happened in his kingdom during his absence. Is the outlaw Robin Hood a hero, a lovelorn sap or just plain mean?  Told from the perspectives of Robin himself, Maid Marian and Prince John, this hilarious tale combines three different stories into one—and with three different endings. Leaves it up to the audience to decide which one is true.