Facility Rentals

Spaces at the OCT Arts Annex

The Arts Annex is a multi-purpose facility centrally located at the State Fair, which offers a wide range of flexible space options for special events and performances.
Available spaces include multipurpose classrooms, a small gallery, dedicated dance studios, an expansive center gallery, a fenced outdoor area with playground, as well as a dedicated theatre space. All areas have restroom access and high-speed internet access and kitchen facilities are available on request.
Reservation Process
  1. Read through our rental handbook, book a tour, and decide if a rental at the Arts Annex is right for your event.
  2. Contact us to confirm space availability and request a Rental Quote. For more complicated rentals we may require you to complete a rental application before a quote can be made.
  3. Complete and submit your signed Rental Application, Rental Quote and nonrefundable deposit. Rentals cannot be secured until forms are received and deposit is paid.
  4. After we receive your completed documents and deposit we will email you a confirmation, along with information about the next steps to take.
  5. Approximately 2-3 weeks before your reservation we will be in touch regarding any event changes and other rental details.
  6. 14 days prior to your event you will be required to pay any remaining balance and provide proof of insurance.

Contact us at reception@oklahomachildrenstheatre.org