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Oklahoma Children's Theatre provides extraordinary live theatre and interactive educational experiences for young audiences. We inspire young people to visualize their potential, enhance family relationships and invest in the future of our communities.


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Jackie and Me

Ten-year-old Joey is a headstrong young boy with a special talent for time travel. When he is assigned to write a report on an African American who has made an important contribution to society, he uses his special ability to go back to Brooklyn, New York, in 1947. He meets one of baseball's greatest players, Jackie Robinson. Joey plans on writing a prize-winning report, but he doesn't plan on a trip that will forever change his view of history and his definition of courage.

By Steven Dietz

Based on the book by Dan Gurman 

We invite you to join us for this exceptional opportunity to participate in panel discussions prior to the performances of ‘Jackie and Me’ on April 01 at 10:00am, April 09 at 10:00 am and April 11 at 3:30pm.  The Panelists are sponsored by The Respect Diversity Foundation and participate in the RDF Speakers Bureau.   They are all noted public speakers, workshop facilitators and performers who communicate compelling truths about the Civil Rights Movement – as it impacts the lives of every citizen.  Participation in the Panel discussions are free.

April 1:  Moderator Michael Korenblit –Author / Producer / Activist 

Joyce Henderson. Educator / Public Speaker / Civil Rights Activist

Marilyn  Luper Hildreth. Civil Rights Advocate / Speaker

Dr. Gloria Pollard. Educator / Public Speaker / Civil Rights Activist 


April 9:  Moderator Michael Korenblit –Author / Producer / Activist

Dr. Stan Evans. Educator / Civil Rights Advocate, Assistant Dean of The University of Oklahoma College of Law

Jahruba Lambeth. Storyteller / Musician / Oral Historian 

Dr. Gwen Mukes. Storyteller / Actor / Educator / Activist (“Sit-Inner”)


April 11: Michael Korenblit –Author / Producer / Activist

Ayanna Najuma: Orginal Katz Drug Store Sit In participant

Stan Evans: University of Oklahoma College of Law, Assistant Dean

Marilyn Luper Hildreth. Orginal Katz Drug Store Sit In participant


Sponsored by Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma Humanities Council and The Respect Diversity Foundation.

“This program is funded in part by the Oklahoma Humanities Council (OHC) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of OHC or NEH."


The Respect Diversity Foundation (RDF) is a non-profit, tax exempt educational organization.  RDF has a Speaker’s Bureau of human rights activists, civil rights leaders, Holocaust educators, visual artists, poets, authors, historians, musicians and theatre artists.  RDF speakers go into schools throughout the state of Oklahoma (and beyond) and lead diversity assemblies and workshops throughout the curriculum so that the students will learn respect for our diverse community