Policies & Procedures

Policies at a glimpse


Keep reading below to see a snapshot of our program policies for registration, refunds, discounts, and more. For questions about our policies please email us.

How to Enroll

Enrollment can be made anytime online or by phone at (405) 208-6200 during regular business hours. In-person enrollments can be made by appointment only.

Daily Camp Activities

While daily activities vary based on the class subject, all classes are designed around the principles of engagement, imagination, and creativity. Each day students will work with our expert instructors and assistants to develop their subject area knowledge through participating in different games, activities, crafts, workshops, and interactive classes.

Snack and Lunch
What to bring

Campers will need to bring a sack lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle each day. Non-disposable lunch boxes and drink bottles must be labeled. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure children are provided with adequate lunch and snacks daily. While we strive to contact parents and/or provide lunch for children who have forgotten, we do not guarantee our ability to do so. Campers should also wear appropriate for their class. (e.g., loose clothes for dance camps, paint clothes for art camps, etc.)

Camp Store

The camp store is available during snack breaks and offers snacks and drinks for campers to purchase. Items in the camp store cost between 25c – $1.50. Parents may buy up to $10 Camp Store credit at any check-in, or campers may bring cash.

Friday Lunch

Every Friday, we also hold a Pizza Party with cheese or pepperoni pizza. The Pizza Party costs $10 and also includes both snacks. Parents can sign up during any check-in Monday – Thursday. Campers are always welcome to bring their lunch and join in the fun.

Camp hours
Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Break Camps
  • Regular camp hours are 9:00am-3:45pm.
  • Check In time is from 8:00am-9:00am (an extra 15 minutes is granted on the first day of camp).
  • Check Out runs from 3:45pm-4:15pm

To prevent traffic congestion, please do not arrive before 3:45 pm. We also ask that parents do not park and walk- up.

All students must be picked up before 4.15pm unless they are enrolled in Extended Care.

After Care

After Care is available Mon – Thurs from 4:15 – 6 pm and costs $10 per day. You can pre-pay during enrollment or any morning before camp. After Care is not available on Fridays due to end-of-session showcases.

Campers still present at 4:15 pm will automatically be enrolled in After Care, and you will be responsible for the daily $10 fee. A $1 per minute fee is assessed for all campers not picked up by 6 pm.

Release of Children (Check In/Check Out)

All children must sign in and out of the building before they can join their class, or leave each day. Children are permitted to check themselves in, however, are not permitted to check-out unaccompanied. Parents are required to provide a 4-digit security code at Check-Out for each child, and students will not be released unless the correct code is provided. The security code will be emailed as part of your reminder email, and provided to during initial Check-In.

Camps: Late Check-In

Students checking in late, regardless of their specified Check-In location must check in at our Main Building. Students must not head directly to class.

Early Check Out

Please call (405) 208-6200 at least 30 minutes before pick-up for early check-out. For the safety of all campers and to ensure check-out is efficient for all parents, early Check-Out is not available after 3:00 pm.

For the safety and security of our students, as well as to ensure the efficiency of our end of day procedures, there is no early check out after 3:00pm. This is an organizational and security issue.

Late Pick-up Policy

If you are more than 5 minutes late to pick up your child, you will be charged $1.00 per minute for every minute you are late. Late fees are to be paid by cash, check, or credit card at the time of pick-up. Please call the office if you are running late at (405) 606-7003, so we can inform the teachers and child. Please note traffic or difficulty in locating the facilities is not a valid excuse for a late pickup.

End of Session Showcase

Campers love sharing their hard work with family and friends at our end-of-session showcases. Typically, theatre classes will have a live performance and our art classes will host a gallery-style showcase after camp on Fridays. To reduce the audience sizes and ensure the showcases run smoothly, we stagger performances by age. We’ll provide you with more information about the showcase during the week of camp.

Parent Notifications

Parents are required to ensure OCT has accurate contact information on file, including phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses.

Reminder Emails

Reminder emails are sent out the Thursday prior to camp starting. These emails detail your child’s Class, their Check-In Location, and Security Code and is sent to the primary email address on file.

Incident Reports

We work hard to make sure parents remain informed about their child’s camp experience. We email incident reports to the primary email address on file for medical, behavior, or injury events. Other communication may follow incident reports, including phone calls, additional emails, or disciplinary notes. While we make a best- faith effort to ensure parents remain informed, minor interactions or events may not be reported (for example, a small cut, meltdown, etc.)

Cancellation, Class Change & Refund Policy

Request a refund by calling (405) 208-6200.
•If your enrollment is canceled at least 14 days before class starts, we will issue a refund, less a $20 fee per class.
•If your registration is canceled less than 14 days before the class starts, no refund will be given.

Full refunds will only be issued if Oklahoma Children’s Theatre cancels the class. Where possible, refunds will be via the original payment method or check. Please allow up to 14 days for your refund to arrive. Classes will not be prorated, and no other credits or tuition transfers will apply or be offered.

Refunds will not be given if:
•A child is sent home due to behavioral issues
•A student decides to drop out of the program orleaves early/before the end of camp
•Your child is sick and either stayed home or was senthome from camp
•Refunds were requested with less than 14 daysnotice
•Tuition will not be prorated for any reason. We alsodo not offer refunds for unused portions of tuition,including for illnesses, withdrawing mid-session, etc.

We are happy to accommodate switching classes as long as space is available and it is more than 14 days before the original class starts.
There is no fee for changing classes, but you may incur an additional cost where the new class has a higher tuition cost. The tuition difference where the student transfers into a lower-priced class will not be refunded is non-transferable and considered forfeited. Class changes can be made by calling (405) 208-6200.

Electronics & Toys Policy

Campers should not bring cell phones, electronics, tablets, games, toys, or other non-necessary personal items.



Oklahoma Children’s Theatre behavior management policy is a guidance policy that focuses on providing all students with opportunities for conflict resolution,
self-direction, and behavioral success. We establish fair and reasonable behavior expectations considering each child’s age, developmental stage, and personality.

Primary Guidelines:
•All students will respect the rights and feelings of others and will avoid disruptive behavior that would interfere with program activities.
•Violence or other aggressive behaviors will not be tolerated, including kicking, hitting, spitting, biting, hair pulling, bullying, verbal “put-downs,” and other inappropriate behaviors.
•All students will follow directions given by the staff regarding safety and will remain with the group for all scheduled activities.
•OCT operates with a strict zero-tolerance policy on the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, including electronic cigarettes or vaporizer pens (whether nicotine-based or not).
•All students will respect the property of others and understand that stealing or vandalizing will not be tolerated. Repair for any maliciously caused damage will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child who caused it.
•Students must not negatively affect or disrupt the experience of other students.

Behavior Management Procedures:
When a student engages in inappropriate behavior that threatens the health or safety of themself or others or causes a disruption to other students’ ability to participate in the program, our staff will take the following steps.
•Immediate action will be taken to stop the behaviorand redirect to appropriate behaviors.
•If the behavior persists, the student will be given averbal warning.
•If the behavior further persists, an in-class time-outwill be given.
•If the behavior continues, the student will be referred to the Director of On-Site Learning. Parents will be informed of their child’s behavior and may be contacted to pick their child up immediately, depending on the severity or nature of the behavioral issue.

A positive attitude and cooperation from students are vital for the success and happiness of the group as a whole. Therefore any disruptive or violent behavior will not be tolerated. Oklahoma Children’s Theatre reserves the right to determine who is and is not suitable for our programs. If a child displays persistent inappropriate behavior or is violent or destructive to other persons or property, we may, at our discretion, dismiss the child from our program. There is no tuition refund for children dismissed due to behavior issues.

Financial Aid

You are welcome to split tuition payments over 2, 3, or 4 payments. The first payment is due at the time of registration, and the total balance is due 14 days before the first class starts, or cancellations may apply. Standard refund policies still apply.

Oklahoma Children’s Theatre has limited financial aid available to children and families who may not have the financial means to attend otherwise. To apply, please visit www.oklahomachildrenstheatre.org.