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Q. My child is ____ years old.  What do you have to offer for their age group? 

We have three seasonal camps coming up for ages 5-12, and a Spring Break Camp for 12-14 year olds.

Fall Break: October 22-26 (5-7 & 8-12 year olds)

Winter Break: December 17-21 (5-7 & 8-12 year olds)

Spring Break: March 18-22 (5-7 & 8-12 year olds)

*Spring Break volunteer camp will be reserved for 12-14 year olds.

*Level 1 camps are for 5-7 year olds, and level 2 camps are for 8-12 year olds.  Our camps and classes are divided strictly by age.


Q. What are the times of your camp? 

All of our camps are 9am-4pm.  Before and After Care is available 8am-6pm.  There is no drop-off prior to 8am, and there is no After Care on Fridays—instead all parents and families are invited to attend the 4pm performances. 


Q. How do I register for camps?

The easiest way to register for camps is to use the website enrollment option or to call our office at 405/606-7003.  You can also print an enrollment form from our website and mail or fax it to our office, but it’s a good idea to call first and check the availability of the camps that you’re interested in to make sure they’re not yet full.


Q. The camp I wanted to enroll my child in is full.  Can I be put on a waiting list?

Absolutely.  We have waiting lists for all camps that fill.  Just ask!


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, check, or cash.

Q. Are there any additional fees for your camps?

There are no extra required fees outside of your tuition payment.  During some seasonal camps we will open the Camp Store, where parents will have the option to purchase a Camp Store Card for their camper, which can be used to buy snacks and drinks.  We will also host an optional $5 all-you-can-eat lunch party on Friday, so instead of packing a lunch parents can pay $5 for their child’s lunch on Friday.  Before and After Care is $10.00 per day and $5.00 for Friday.


Q. Do I have to pay the entire tuition when I enroll or do I pay a deposit?

In order to reserve your child’s spot in camp, we must have your full tuition payment.  Exceptions are made only for summer campers enrolling in ten or more weeks of camp.


Q. Can I reserve a spot in camp for my child and pay later?

Our camps fill very quickly, so full payment is necessary in order to reserve spots in camp.


Q. How do you handle security?

Our building and grounds are patrolled by the Oklahoma City University Police Department.  The OCUPD is our first responder in case of emergencies.  We have surveillance cameras installed at the front and back doors of our building.  All of our teachers and assistants must clear an OSBI Criminal History Background Check, an Oklahoma DOC Sex Offender Check, and an Oklahoma DOC Violent Offender Check before they are allowed to work.  We always have a teacher or staff person on duty that is certified in CPR.  For daily check out, we use a numerical code system for checking out campers.  Adults picking up children must provide an assigned numerical code in order check out their child and names of authorized adults must be provided at the child’s first check in day.


Q. What is the class size of Children’s Theatre camps?

Our class limit is 15 with one teacher and one assistant teacher, making the student to teacher ratio less than 8:1.


Q. Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are local professionals in their fields or upper class theatre/music/dance students at Oklahoma City University, and all have teaching experience.  Our assistants are Oklahoma City University theatre students, and some are veteran students of OCT themselves. 


Q. My 7-year-old will be turning 8 very soon.  Can I enroll them in the 8-12 year old class?

In order to enroll in the level I (5-7 year old) class, your child must have their 5th birthday before or during the camp dates for which you are registering.  Likewise for the 8-12 class, your child must have their 8th birthday before or during the camp dates for which you are registering.


Q. Does my child need previous experience to take any of your camps?

Not at all!  All of our classes welcome beginners.  At the same time, no two classes are exactly alike, so campers can take multiple classes and always have new experiences.


Q. Will my child’s camp have a performance?

Our one-week camps always end in a performance.  There won’t be performances for Fall or Winter Break Camps, but Spring Break Camp will have a performance on Friday.  Magic campers perform their magic tricks in a magic show, dance campers perform their dance numbers, theatre campers perform the plays they’ve developed.  Performances begin at 4pm on Fridays and all family and friends are welcome free of charge.


Q.  My child is pretty shy.  What if they have stage fright?

At Oklahoma Children’s Theatre, we focus on teaching the process of theatre and acting, and keep performance pressure at very low priority.  We encourage all of our campers to express themselves in their own way, whether that is acting, designing costumes, helping backstage, or any other interest in theatre arts that your child may have.  Our teachers are very comforting and reassuring, and while we encourage all campers to express themselves and participate in the performance, no camper is forced to do anything that would make them uncomfortable.  If your child decides to participate in a way other than performing, we’ll let you know in advance.


Q. Can I drop in and observe my child’s class?

Our camps and classes are Kids Only.  We’ve found that our students and teachers are more at ease when they don’t feel the pressure to perform for parents and onlookers.  Our teachers submit daily camp reports that detail the activities of their classes.  If you’d like to talk about what your child’s class is up to, please call our camp director at 405/606-7003 or 405/620-2875.


Q. This is my first time enrolling.  If my child doesn’t enjoy it, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds after a camp has begun, but we can offer you a receipt that will allow you to claim any unused portion of your tuition as a tax deductable donation.  Oklahoma Children’s Theatre staff and teachers do our best to ensure that all of our campers have an enjoyable experience, regardless of their experience level, age, ability, or interest.  You can receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee if you withdraw from camp three business days prior to the camp beginning.


Q. Where are your camps located?

We are located on campus at Oklahoma City University.  Our main facility is the Children’s Center for the Arts building, and classes also take place in the Kirkpatrick Fine Arts Center and the Wanda L. Bass School of Music.  Our campers are always chaperoned by a teacher or assistant.


Q. What does my camper need to bring to camp each day?

Each day campers will need two snacks, a sack lunch, and drinks for the day.  For Spring Break Camp, you can pack all of these, or you can pack a sack lunch and purchase a Camp Store Card that your camper can use to buy snacks and drinks at the camp store.


Q. What else do I need to know?

We know parents have lots of questions, and we’re here to answer them!  Our Parent Packet may answer many of your questions.  Parent Packets will be emailed each week to parents of enrolled campers, and it’s also available on our website.  You can also call 405/606-7003 and speak to a Children’s Theatre staff person that can help you with your questions.